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Amica Mutual Insurance Company is the earliest established auto insurer of the USA, which started more than a century ago and now Amica car insurance is widely acclaimed by all its customers.
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Insurance Coverage

Though Amica car insurance is available in most of the US states, it is better to check its availability in the state of every customer, before they proceed to apply for its coverage facilities.

  • This insurance company offers Bodily Injury Liability of minimum amount of $ 15,000 per injured person involved in the accident, while this same coverage provides $ 30,000 per accident occurred by the insured car.
  • The coverage of Property Damage Liability offers minimum $ 5000 for a damaged car, though generally the higher amount is preferred for this important coverage.
  • In case of Uninsured Motorist Coverage, the property damage is provided with minimum amount of $ 3500, while the physical injury is compensated with the minimum amount of $ 15,000 per person involved or total $ 30,000 per accident faced by this insured car, for which it is responsible.

But the customers can personalize their auto insurance policies, by taking the required amount for every coverage option of the policy purchased by them.

Coverage Options

Like all other prominent auto insurance companies, Amica Mutual Insurance Company also provides all the major coverage options for their customers.

  • Full Glass Coverage is the facility, by which the customer is provided free replacements of the glass windshields or the glass windows of the insured car, if broken in any road accident or burglary attempt.
  • Roadside Assistance Coverage is a useful facility that provides help in case of any sudden problem spotted in the insured car and needs immediate attention; like replacement of a flattened tire or restarting a dead car battery or providing with car fuel, if the tank empties in the middle of the journey.
  • Bodily Injury Liability coverage provides compensation for any injury caused to any third party, other than the driver or passengers of the insured car that met with an accident. It can be the passengers of any other car with which the insured one has collided, or the pedestrians injured due to this accident.
  • Medical Payments coverage helps the insured person with all the money needed for the treatment of the insured car owner, injured in any road accident.
  • Comprehensive Physical Damage coverage of this company comprises of the combined additional coverage that provides compensation for damages caused to the insured car due to any natural calamity or theft.
  • Collision Coverage offers compensation to the damages of the insured car and its passengers, only if the accident is caused due to the collision with any other vehicle, a large animal, a pillar or a building, or roadside tree.


The insurance premiums of the auto insurance policies of Amica Mutual Insurance Company are highly affordable to all the common people of the USA, as per the credit ratings given by the credit agencies of the country. This company offers some discounts for installing anti-theft devices or other safety features in the car, for selecting auto payment mode for paying the regular premiums and if the customer opts for electronic billing system. The brilliant students and the students from faraway places are also awarded special discounts on their car insurance policies. The person taking multi-vehicle policy for numbers of automobiles can expect to save some money in this matter. But it is best for the customers to take Amica car insurance quote and find out the exact amount they need to spend for paying their auto insurance premiums.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 
out of 599 user reviews

The customer satisfaction ratio, as calculated from the surveys conducted by the credit rating agencies is found to be very high for Amica Mutual Insurance Company. It is well above 4, out of 5 and it is considered to be one of the highest among all the major auto insurance companies of the USA. The customers seem to be particularly satisfied with the easy online application system, the prompt customer service and the fast claims processes provided by this company.

Survey Review Data

Financial Stability

Financial Stability Rating: 
out of 599 user reviews

According to the credit scores awarded by the prominent credit rating agencies, Amica Car Insurance seems to get 4.5 out of total 5. This company is known to be financially very stable and reliable since the time of the last market survey. According to the Amica Car Insurance reviews, it is one of the best insurance companies that can be looked upon, for getting the best car insurance policies.

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